The basic of the marathon birds goes back to 1996 when birds were purchased from Frans van den Elsakker, these were birds who excelled during tough conditions from Barcelona. In the course of time there is just a little of genes, but not much of them left in the current pigeons. Pigeon sport is certainly evolving. Nowadays it is more a necessity to have birds capable of performing in all conditions, inherent to the varying weather conditions of recent times. The birds now housed in our loft were mainly acquired from:

Bennie & Loes Homma, Balk - The Netherlands
From the friendly Bennie and Loes we purchased youngsters from their ‘Son Bergerac’, the ‘Albi’, the ‘21’, “Orangina”, grandchild ‘t’Fodsje’ and grandchildren of their ‘Poeske. Among them are three children of their ‘609’, who was crowned 2nd National Champion Pigeon in 2010. He was paired to three of the better racing hens, namely the "Albi", "Orange" and "Orangina"! We also acquired an inbred son of his best stock cock of the last few years, the ‘878’ (son Bergerac). And last but not least a granddaughter from the "Brinkman kweker".
Herman Brinkman, Tuk - The Netherlands
The origin of many good marathon lofts lies with pigeons of great champion Herman Brinkman. For years with originally Van de Wegen pigeons and Vertelman a great champion on the marathon races.

A white raven we may call "Fast in the Dark". This great pigeon flew in 2017 a 6th price Ruffec sector 4 against 3532 pigeons and is clocked at 02.04 in the night. The special thing is that that same year, he again showed something special on Orange by being the 1st in sector 4 against 1370 pigeons to be clocked on...04.54!

In 2018, he managed to win a 6th against 3097 pigeons on Perigeuex.
There are not many of this calibre and that is why we decided in the autumn of 2018 to add two childeren of this beautiful bird to the WW collection.

Jan Morsink, Marle - Jelle Jellema - The Netherlands
A fancier with the best strains of Jelle Jellema. Autumn 2018 we made ourselves happy with a grandchild of "Olympic Romee" and "Special One", a (inbreeding)  grandchild of "Snelle Jelle", a grandchild of "Klein Kweeksterje" and grandchildren of "Jill" and "Anka".

Gerrit Vedder and son, Tuk - The Netherlands
A family combination which in the first decades of this century, performed mightily well on the marathon flights.  Unfortunately these men stopped our beautiful sport. The basis is mainly of the lofts of Gebr. Limburg Zuidveen. A daughter of "Red Power" which a 1st international Limoges 2011 and a 10th in 2010 Limoges flew coupled against "Doutzen" of Sjaak Buwalda with a 1st NPO Ruffec and a 10th Limoges in 2006, moved last summer to the WW breeding loft.

Reedijk-Jongekrijg, Puttershoek - The Netherlands
A husband-wife partnership who have recorded excellent results from the one-day long-distance and the shorter races during the last few years. Alongside that they also clocked early birds from the ZLU races with a morning liberation. We acquired seven youngsters from them in 2007. These originated mainly from the old Jan Theelen lines. 
Jaap van der Velden, Zuid-Beijerland - The Netherlands
What is left, to write about Van der Velden? Still racing alias the name C. van der Velden, as a tribute to his deceased father. Down the years, Jaap has had the pleasure of winning several first National prizes. And many other fancier national and international have clocked early birds from his strain. Without doing any injustice to the other birds in his loft, it is safe to say that the ‘Super Vanoppen’ of Jaap is the genuine top breeder of the loft and he also performs well with descendants of ‘Cheeta’ (1st Nat. Barcelona 2003). 
From Jaap we acquired two children of the "New Cheeta", a son of the ‘As 87’ and a granddaughter of the Super Vanoppen for our loft. Jaap was also very helpful by allowing us to borrow two cocks from him. A son of the "Paulo" and a son of the "Super Vanoppen".
Tim Hage, Woerden - The Netherlands
 A fancier who has been playing hard on the ZLU flights in recent years. Tim now has a stock of pigeons that wants to be home before dark. And that Tim judge is clearly seen as his with pigeons in Woerden. After his victory in 2016 with his 'Heilige Geest' on the morning discharge from St. Vincent we thought it was time to strengthen ourselves with "Hage" pigeons. Two childeren from "Bruce" and two daughters from "The Power" moved to the WW lofts.
Martin de Poorter, Sluis - The Netherlands
The man in Sluis, Zeeland, has been a prominent name in recent years on the notification lists for the ZLU flights. Famous pigeons like Rainman, New Rainman and Levi can regularly be read in performance pigeons on the heavy work.
We have come to know Martin as a sympathetic, serious fancier with a lot of ambition that the long-distance world can not ignore in the coming years. A few genes from his breeding stable have meanwhile moved to the "high" North to test for our distances in the coming years. Mainly childeren from "New Rainman" and "Levi's" we will try to cross with other genetics, to test the comming years.
Rekker - Westra, Berlikum - The Netherlands
We met Auke and Marijke as passionate enthusiasts with a great loft with pigeons. In the high North they have been in the spotlight in recent years with their "Roos" as their pearl. A great character pigeon which as a yearling performed outstanding at the marathon;
  •  1st NPO Ruffec, 2nd national S4 against 3,287 pigeons.
  •  1st NPO Bergerac, 3rd national S4 against 3,296 pigeons.
Two direct children from Roos have been added to our WW collection. And a full brother from "Selina" is moved late 2018 to WW.

Our goal is to form a strain of pigeons capable of excelling mainly from the morning liberations, but also from the afternoon liberations. Preferably the ‘allrounders’ regardless of weather conditions. Killer instinct, character and the will to win. Our ideal characteristics are; soft feathers, eyes with a lot of pigment, a longer wing with good ventilation in the last 3 flights, light birds but muscular and with a strong carcass. Along with that they need to be strong defenders of their nest, have an superb appearance and character in and around the loft.
When we strengthen the stock loft, we always search for these characteristics. Crossbreeding the different lines is the first step, good x good. A lot of breeding, racing and selecting. After that the proven lines would be further inbred within the family to anchor down the good characteristics.
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