Passion for the future, passion for racingpigeons!

Double W, written bold, stands for World Wide racing pigeons and are the initials of two passionate practitioners of pigeon racing. Via our website, we would like to introduce ourselves: "Gijs and Wilfred Hamstra" & "Peter and Wulfert ter Beek". And even more important our pigeons with we together experience the sport with a vision of the future. A future with and for the sport!
Friendship, passion, ambition and vision are the basis for WWracingpigeons. No nonsense and a view to the future, a future with racing pigeons! A beautiful sport with unique birds. Lasting pleasure with the birds is what drives us, pigeon racing at National and International level is what we expect for the future of our hobby.
Our goal is to experience pigeon racing in a positive way through the exchange of knowledge and the joint ambition to create a strain of pigeons capable of performing from the extreme international one-day long distance as well as the marathon races. This search will take us a lot further than our own national borders. Making use of our collective colony of pigeons we will participate in races individually from both of our own lofts, each in his own way and with our own insight.
WWracingpigeons: ‘World Wide’- racing pigeons! Based on a No Nonsense principle! ‘Just good’ racing pigeons!
December 2016,
Gijs & Wilfred Hamstra
Peter & Wulfert ter Beek

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