Vision statement

Pigeon racing anno 2016 is often negatively portrayed. The question is why? Because there is no form of unity in the sport. Every fancier has an individualistic core and every other fancier is a rival. We all know that we need each other to be able to compete in races, to reduce costs and to organise a race. Hobbies are different for everyone, but as a sport it is high time that we worked together on another image! The image of a mature sport for young and old. A sport that has an International practise. A sport with an image that has been dusted down for the better.
Our hobby has a future, if we could be more positive, make more conscious choices, respect each other and by not blocking progress!
Our vision as WWracingpigeons is crystal clear:
We will focus on co-operation to obtain a collection of racing pigeons who have the characteristics to win races at distances between 500 and 700 kilometres and are also capable of excelling from the marathon races. Gather knowledge, share knowledge, joint-breeding, racing together and raising the standard in regards to quality.
In both lofts in Biddinghuizen and Harderwijk, the products of mutual breeding will be raced. In addition to that, we have set ourselves a target to start testing our collection of birds in countries where the sport is thriving.
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